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Estate Planning Areas

Estate Planning Process

The Estate Planning Process:

  1. Consultation - Before proper estate planning can be done, the client must first meet with an attorney for a consultation. Typically, the Murphy Law Office will suggest having the initial consultation at the client’s home, unless the client would prefer to come into our office. Generally speaking, most clients prefer to have the consultation in their home because all of their important documents are easier to access and it saves the client the trouble of trying to collect everything then bring it to our office. Also, to the extent that a specific bequest of personal property is going to be made in the Will, physically seeing the property will assist the attorney during the drafting process.
  2. Drafting - Taking the information learned during the consultation with the client, the attorney will draft all estate planning documents. For simple estates this includes a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will.
  3. Review/Edit - After all of the drafting is completed, the attorney sends drafts of all the estate planning documents back to the client for the clients review. To the extent the client has any questions regarding the specific documents, the attorney is available to answer questions.
  4. Signing - After the review and edit process is over, the clients come into the office – or the attorney can travel to the clients home – to formally execute all of the documents.

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