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Special Offer: Free Estate Planning Consultation!

Estate Planning is an important step to be sure your family and assets are protected at the time of your passing. Did you know that failing to properly plan for wealth transfers could result in large tax burdens up to 35%!


A proper estate plan will accomplish the following:


The death of a family member is always a difficult event. Having a properly drawn up estate plan can avoid the need for probate administration, put your family members in contact with an attorney you know and trust, and settle any disputes that could potentially result upon your death.


The Murphy Law Office’s goal is to make estate planning as easy and simple as possible for its clients. Set up a meeting with us today to learn more about how we can help with your estate planning and discuss any questions you may have. Fill out the brief form below, or contact us at 614-547-2529, to set up your complimentary estate planning consultation.


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